The Importance of Supplements

One of the first questions that many of us ask ourselves is, “ Do I really need to be taking vitamins or nutritional supplements?” Twenty years ago, that question may have brought some consideration. But today, the answer to that question is an affirmative “Yes.” Over the past 20 years we have developed many ways to decrease our uptake of the important nutrients that are necessary for the various metabolic pathways in the body. Some of those are:

  • Factory farming: With the desire to create produce by quantity rather than be quality, the nutrient component of even our whole food has greatly diminished in recent years
  • Processed foods: Today’s Standard American Diet (SAD) will support life, but will not support health. Not only is our diet depleted in the essential nutrients we need, the extensive utilization of processed food places a greater strain on our bodies and digestive systems.
  • Increased stress: Our daily lives create greater demand on our bodies and that stress, to be effectively addressed, needs sound nutritional support.
  • Drug induced nutrient depletions: Many of the prescription and over the counter drugs that we have come to rely on deplete specific essential nutrients needed by the body. Failure to address these drug induced depletions can create significant problems long term.
  • Increase in metabolic diseases: We have replaced many of the pathogen based diseases of the past with diseases created by deficiencies in metabolism. Addressing nutrient issues is becoming more and more critical for the preservation of good health.

It is plain to see that nutrient supplementation has assumed a role of major importance in healthcare. And you can rely on our pharmacists to help guide you to a nutritional supplement program that will help you to preserve your health. Feel free to ask them for a personal recommendations today.