Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your business hours and how do I find your pharmacy?
A: The pharmacy is open from 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday and from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday and we are closed on Sunday. We do provide 24 hour emergency service when needed by our patients.
We are located at exit 83 on I-49. If coming from the North, take exit 83, then turn left on Pinnacle Hills Parkway and the pharmacy is immediately South of Cross Church. If coming from the South, take the same exit 83, turn left on New Hope Road until you reach the traffic light on Pinnacle Hills Parkway, turn left and the pharmacy is easily visible on the East end of the building adjacent to Pinnacle Hills Parkway. If coming from Bentonville, take Walton Boulevard, turn right at Krispy Kreme Donuts and drive South on Metro Parkway until you reach Pinnacle Hills Parkway.

Q: Do you offer delivery service?
A: Providing delivery service to our patients has always been an important part of our approach to professional pharmacy service. We deliver to Avoca, Bella Vista, Bentonville, Cave Springs, Centerton, Elm Springs, Farmington, Fayetteville, Lowell, Pea Ridge, Rogers, Springdale and Vaughn. As Northwest Arkansas grew, we started delivering to patients’ places of work in addition to their homes. We also provide delivery to a number of assisted living facilities in the area. We charge a flat $3 for delivering to residences or work locations, which offsets less than half of the true cost to provide this important service.
We continue to deliver until all delivery commitments for the day are completed, even after the pharmacy has closed for the day. For senior citizens, we also offer to pick up the prescription document, bring it back to the pharmacy, then deliver the medication back to the patient when completed.

Q: How do I get my prescriptions transferred to Debbie’s?
A: Transferring your prescriptions to Debbie’s is easy. All you have to do is advise us of your desire to become our patient, tell us where your prescriptions are currently being filled and we’ll take care of the rest. If your medications have prescriptions that are still current and have refills left on them, we can easily transfer them to our pharmacy. If they have run out of refills or the prescriptions are expired, we will be happy to contact your physician to request a new prescription to take care of your needs. It is important to remember, however, that Arkansas only allows a valid prescription to be transferred once, so if your prescriptions were transferred previously to the pharmacy you desire to leave, we will have to contact your physician to approve all of your medications before we can take care of your needs.

Q: I’m tired of waiting so long for my medications at a chain pharmacy. How long will it take to get my prescription at Debbie’s?
A: We strive to respect the value of our patients’ time. We work to get prescriptions filled for our patients within 10 minutes so they can be on their way. Sometimes this is not possible, due to the multitude of insurance complications that arise with healthcare today, but it is a standard we take very seriously. In addition, if we are unable to completely fill a patient’s prescription, we take the responsibility to offer free delivery on the rest of the medication.

Q: How do I know if Debbie’s accepts my prescription insurance plan?
A: We take most insurance plans, but there are so many different plans in the marketplace that we need for you to provide us with your insurance card and we can quickly verify that we are covered by your plan. There are a few plans that restrict the patient’s choice to a specific chain pharmacy, which is beyond our control.

Q: I have prescription insurance coverage, but won’t I pay more at a community pharmacy like Debbie’s?
A: No, your portion of your prescription cost, known as your copay, will be the same regardless of where you have it filled, unless it is a restricted access plan discussed in the previous question. You pay nothing extra for the prompt personal service at Debbie’s.

Q: I think my insurance plan has changed, but I don’t have a new insurance card. What can I do?
A: We will strive to call your insurance to obtain the new information if you know the kind of insurance you are switching to. If this information is not known, you may elect to pay for your prescription this time, make contact with your insurance carrier to make certain your new card is coming to you, then submit a prescription claim form to your insurance to be reimbursed.

Q: Does Debbie’s offer charge accounts?
A: Yes, we do. As a community pharmacy, the basis of our relationship with you and your family operates from a different perspective than a chain pharmacy. We are happy to offer personal charge accounts to qualified applicants. You will receive an itemized statement following the first of every month. Further, we offer the convenience of having your monthly prescription bill drafted from your checking account, just as you would have a utility or car payment taken automatically out of your account.

Q: My medicine looks different than the last time my prescription was filled. What should I do?
A: Always call the pharmacy if this occurs. With the continued growth in the use of generic medications, which look different depending on the manufacturer, there can be a different appearance to your medicine and we want to be certain and want you to be comfortable that you are taking the proper drug.

Q: Why can’t I get my prescriptions all at the same time every month?
A: The answer is you certainly can! One of the most common frustrations we hear from patients is that they have to pick up prescriptions several times each month and it would be helpful to receive everything by making a single trip to the pharmacy. The answer – we will work with you on an individual basis to determine the most efficient way to get all your prescriptions back in cycle balance and eliminate your frustration. After that, we will, at your request, fill those prescriptions every month automatically and have them delivered to your home or place or work or have them available for you to pick up at the pharmacy.

Q: I got to feeling better, so I stopped taking my antibiotic before they were all gone. Is that a problem?
A: YES, the failure of patients to stay compliant with their medications is the greatest cause and expense related to the growing cost of healthcare. We can help! We offer different methods for dispensing prescriptions that help you to ensure you take all the medications you’re supposed to and when they are supposed to be taken. Basic bubble pack cards present your meds in a clearly marked package with each day’s dose identified so you always know if you remembered to take that pill that day. Additionally, for patients who have to take a greater number of prescriptions everyday to maintain their health, we offer a unique patented dispensing method that easily manages the task of taking multiples doses of meds at different times of the day. Both of these methods have application for use in the home or in an assisted living facility. Ask us to discuss and demonstrate either of these methods for you.

Q: Can you contact me when my prescriptions are ready?
A: We certainly will! We strive to provide accurate and timely communication to our patients as a way to better serve their needs. We will be happy to contact you by phone, leave you a voicemail, or send you an email when your prescriptions are completed. If you are a delivery patient, at your request, we will contact you before making a delivery to ensure someone will be available to receive your medications.

Q: Can I access Debbie’s Family Pharmacy online?
A: Yes, you can! Our website can be found at You can complete a refill request on that site and it will automatically be faxed and emailed to us. It is also possible to submit a personal pharmacy related question to us and one of our pharmacists will promptly respond to your request with professional healthcare information. The website also provides in depth information about our pharmacy family staff with its combined experience of more than 135 years. We are now utilizing social media as a means to reach and better serve technologically focused consumers.

Q: I have had problems in the past with getting a chain pharmacy to special order anything for me. Does Debbie’s special order medications for their patients?
A: Yes, we will! Many chain pharmacies will not provide any medication not on their official corporate formulary, including many higher cost medications that are needed by patients with specific conditions. As a community pharmacy, we welcome the opportunity to take care of ALL you prescription needs! In fact, there are situations where patients have found that a specific “brand” of a generic medication works better for them than other generics. Chain pharmacies won’t take that personal preference into consideration, but we will. If the specific generic product is available, and you are a regular patient, we will be happy to get that medication for you and keep it in our inventory for your convenience!

Q: Does Debbie’s sell over the counter products containing Sudafed?
A: Only by prescription, but we will be happy to contact your physician to request a prescription on your behalf.

Q: My doctor has changed one of the medications I am taking. Can I return the prescription I was taking?
A: No, because Federal law prohibits prescription medications from being returned to a pharmacy after they have been dispensed. This is a matter of public safety to ensure the drug has not been tainted in any way.

Q: I have some old medications in my medicine cabinet. What can I do with those?
A: We have an environmentally safe return system so that we can accept most out of date or unused drugs for proper disposal. The exception to this is that we are not allowed to take back any scheduled medications, such as Vicodin, Valium or Klonopin.

Q: As a community pharmacy, what else does Debbie’s sell besides prescription medications?
A: We offer an excellent selection of over the counter products. We offer the most extensive variety of WoodWick and RibbonWick candles in the area that make a great choice for your home or to give as a gift. We stock Papyrus and Recycled Greeting cards that stand out from other lines of cards. Finally, we carry the Caren Original line of skin care products for your hands, feet and total body. These products were originally developed for patients going through radiation treatments and are specifically formulated to add important moisture back to your skin.

Q: I have a family member needing to consider moving into an assisted living center. As a pharmacy, how can you help?
A: The decision to move from your home to an assisted living facility involves important changes in your life and comes with emotional issues that vary depending on the specific situation. We can help by working closely with everyone involved and providing peace of mind for both patient and family members. By gaining an understanding of the medications needed by the patient, we will communicate with the facility and the doctor’s office to achieve a smooth transition. We consider it our professional obligation to ensure that the staff at the assisted living facility, along with family members and the patient moving into the facility are all “on the same page” in order to provide the best state of health for the patient.