Assisted Living Center Services

The fastest-growing age group in the United States is age 65 and over. We have focused significant resources at Debbie’s Family Pharmacy & Healthy Living Center to serving the needs of this age demographic. The number of assisted living facilities in northwest Arkansas has grown in recent years as well and we are privileged to supply medications to many of their residents. This age group wants to experience not only a longer life span, but also a more active and fulfilled life experience and good health is the key.

We work with families as they evaluate a choice of assisted living facilities. We have the capability to provide prescriptions in traditional vials for facility residents capable of functioning in an independent living environment. As residents require more supervision over the proper dispensing of their medications, we have the ability to package prescriptions in either traditional bubble pack cards or our patented multi-dose dispensing system that is a wonderful tool to ensure medicines are consistently given at the proper time and doses are not overlooked.

We are happy to meet with potential facility residents and their family members to discuss their specific medication requirements and work together to determine the best solution that will safeguard their health. Please contact us to arrange a consultation if this is a need or an anticipated need you have, because planning and making decisions in advance reduces the stress level for everyone involved.