Our Staff

The pharmacy staff at Debbie’s Family Pharmacy & Healthy Living Center is dedicated to serving your pharmaceutical needs better than any other pharmacy in Northwest Arkansas. We invite you to experience what our community pharmacy healthcare model can do for you and your family members.

Please stop by and introduce yourself to the members of our pharmacy family.



Debbie Bastian, P.D.
Pharmacy Co-Owner
I became a pharmacist in order to help others. How people feel everyday and what we do to protect our health are key elements in our lives. I wanted to enter a profession where helping people achieve and maintain their good health would enable them to make their greatest contributions to society. Achieving this goal everyday energizes me, challenges me to do more, and has enabled wonderful friendships to develop with my patients.

My years of working for others as a pharmacist and later as a pharmacy manager showed me clearly that the environment to practice pharmacy in the manner I believed it should be practiced could not be found in a chain pharmacy operation. I purchased my own pharmacy over twenty years ago to have the freedom to serve my patients in a professional manner with an unwavering focus on their needs.

erin-tolsonErin Tolson, Pharm D
Staff Pharmacist

The best part of working at Debbie’s Family Pharmacy is getting to know our patients and interacting with them and their families. In my opinion, this is one of the things that makes our pharmacy so special. I also enjoy being able to make a difference in the lives of our patients.

Amy DucoteAmy Ducote, P.D.
Staff Pharmacist

Community pharmacy is a distinctive practice setting in which we, as pharmacists, have a special opportunity to interact closely with our patients. I became a pharmacist to help patients get the best outcomes possible from their medications and to be available to help guide them on their journey to healthier lives. I have worked in various practice settings throughout my career and I find the community pharmacy setting to be most rewarding and most conducive in allowing me to attain my goals as a pharmacist. Debbie’s Family Pharmacy is unique in the it allows me to practice what I call the three C’s: Community in interaction with patients, Compassion for their health needs, and Care for their treatment outcomes. I am proud to have the opportunity to be part of the Debbie’s Family Pharmacy team and I look forward to serving patients to the best of my abilities.

frank-lombardoFrank Lombardo, P.D.
Staff Pharmacist

I’ve been a pharmacist for over 35 years, many of those years I worked for a large chain. One major difference between a chain store and Debbie’s pharmacy are the relationships we are able to develop with our patients. We are easy to approach and talk to. As pharmacists, we play an important role in helping people get the best results from their medications; whether it’s preventing drug or food interactions, suggesting less expensive alternatives, or just being someone to listen to your healthcare concerns. That is why I chose to be a pharmacist and why I like working at Debbie’s Family Pharmacy.


bob-bastainBob Bastian
Operations Manager
Pharmacy Co-Owner

My goal is to implement and monitor the business systems not directly related to patient care so that our pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and drivers can promptly and efficiently take care of our patients. It’s all about differentiating our services to patients and demonstrating our focus on serving their needs to the best of our ability everyday within the operational regulations affecting the practice of pharmacy in today’s healthcare arena. After that, it’s making certain that the pharmacy operates on sound business practices so that it can continue to take care of the patients who rely on its professional services as well as the staff members of the pharmacy family who derive their career satisfaction by their presence everyday interacting with the patients they serve.

jeremy-fullerJeremy Fulfer, CPhT, MS
Business Development Manager

Having more than 12 years of pharmacy experience has enabled me to be effective in many roles within Debbie’s Family Pharmacy, including public marketing, community liaison, inventory control, staff training and assisting in pharmacy management. What I enjoy most about my job is community outreach. I have the opportunity to go into assisted living facilities and work with their residents on individual patient assessments or participate in facility hosted activities or seminars sponsored by the pharmacy. The pharmacy also participates in several health fairs throughout Northwest Arkansas and this participation has enabled me to build lasting relationships with many individuals. My overriding goal is striving to provide quality care for all of our patients, because that is what they deserve.

Pharmacy Technicians

Derek Johnson, CPhT Derek Johnson, CPhT

I like working in the field of pharmaceuticals because I have a much more meaningful impact on peoples’ lives than in most jobs. We don’t just sell Tylenol and cough syrup; we provide medications that allow people to combat the issues that threaten their lives or happiness. Debbie’s staff strives to provide a level of care unmatched by other pharmacies and succeeds.

peggy-davisPeggy Davis, CPhT

I am excited to be a part of the team at Debbie’s Family Pharmacy. Helping others with the challenge of multiple medications with correct and simple packaging is very important to me. I have always liked being able to help people in my career. My hope is that lives will be better because of my service.

Miranda ThomasMiranda Thomas

I enjoy my role at Debbie’s because I can help people in our community by providing our patients with accurate and trustworthy dosage packaging when they are residing in an assisted living facility. I really care about the quality of service our patients receive and understand that medication directions can become very complex when they have to take a number of different prescriptions at different times of the day. I take pride in knowing that I contribute to the general health and quality of life of our patients by the service I provide every day.